How To Upgrade the Firmware for EZVIZ wired Kits

How to Upgrade your Wired Kit Firmware


Locate the correct firmware for your device by cross-checking the complete model number posted on the bottom of the DVR or NVR, download and save the file to your computer.

  1. Click on the folder, unzip the folder (using WinRAR or 7zip) and move the file "digicap.dav" to a USB
  2. Insert the USB into the EZVIZ DVR/NVR, from the menu options, click on device management, and input your password to login into the settings page of your device.
  3. From the menu options on the left, click on advanced settings, then maintenance
  4. On the top of that page locate the  “upgrade icon”  and click to enter the menu
  5. Select the option to upgrade using a USB(USB-Upgrade) from the bottom of the screen, locate the file digicap.dav on the USB, follow the prompt and click to start the upgrade

This will take a few minutes, once you have completed the setup, the system will reboot to complete the upgrade process

*******Ensure you locate the correct complete model number for your device before downloading the correct firmware to upgrade your device*******