Password Reset via Long Serial Number

Password Reset via Long Serial Number

To process your password reset request, please kindly take a picture of the reset password screen on your monitor

(Your picture should be similar to the example below, ensure that the serial number is legible)

reset screen picture

Attach the picture to an email including your Full name, email address, Place of purchase, Date of Purchase, and send that email to

We will respond to you with your set of secure code to reset the password

***In the future, you can reset your password conveniently by using the file attached to this message or by connecting the EZVIZ device to a router and adding your EZVIZ device to your EZVIZ account. Please follow the steps below to add your EZVIZ device to your account;


1. Download and install the EZVIZ mobile app or from your computer browser(Firefox, Internet Explorer or Safari), visit and click on support > Navigation > cloud sign in

2. Create an EZVIZ account or log into an existing account

3. Tap on the “+” sign or “Add a device” icon

4. Select the option to add by serial number

5. Input the 9-digit serial number (0820181021CCWR123456789WCVU) and follow the prompt

6. When prompted, input the new password you have just created for your EZVIZ device and complete the process